Technology Companies

Members of the Oiltech Investment Network have invested in a wide variety of E&P technology companies. Amongst the members of the network, there are already more than 80 technology companies within their combined portfolios, all focused on upstream oil and gas applications.

List of all portfolio technology companies

AccessESP is a private Houston-based provider of unique rigless ESP conveyance solutions for the global oil industry. AccessESP has integrated two practical technologies into a solution that radically simplifies the conveyance of ESPs without the use of a rig. AccessESP clients maximize the value of ESP wells with greatly reduced intervention costs, minimized lost production, and full bore access to the reservoir. Formerly operating as ALC, the company rebranded as AccessESP in 2014.
Based in: Surrey, UK | Member investor: Limerock
Ace Oil Tools
Ace Oil Tools was founded in 2012 and offers innovative stop-collars for the oil and gas industry. Its stop collars can be used for all types of accessory to a tubular and will provide unique axial and radial forces to meet customer satisfaction.
Based in: Stavanger, Norway | Member investor: Investinor
Acoustic Zoom
Acoustic Zoom Inc. is an advanced geophysical company specializing in innovative seismic solutions to visualize the character of complex geological formations and reservoirs with unprecedented resolution and detail.
Based in: Paradise, Canada | Member investor: Limerock
Two innovative, Norwegian drilling technology companies in the oil/gas services industry are now operating as one. Ocean Riser Systems (ORS) has merged with Enhanced Drilling Solutions (EDS), a division of AGR Group (AGR), to form AGR EDS-ORS. Ocean Riser Systems AS was established in 2002 and has its headquarters in Oslo. The company, which employs highly qualified personnel with experience from operator, drilling and service companies, has developed a new technology and method for drilling and well intervention. It will supply equipment and services to this market.
Based in: Oslo, Norway | Member investor: Viking
Founded in 1992, AnTech operates across three divisions, providing innovative product technologies, DCTD services and specialist training for the global upstream oil and gas industry. Its Coiled Tubing Drilling Service division delivers cost-effective directional drilling services to customers utilizing AnTech’s proprietary drilling tools, teams and systems, whilst the Products division is heavily focussed on design innovation and custom solutions to meet clients’ individual needs. The training is delivered through the AnTech Academy, which provides specialist training in Coiled Tubing Drilling as well as training for its own range of products for the industry.
Based in: Exeter, UK | Member investor: SAEV
Founded in 2015, Ardyne delivers downhole products and services for plug and abandonment and slot recovery operations in the global oil and gas sector. Ardyne is focused on cutting operators’ costs and reclaiming rig time by bringing the right service approach and appropriate new technology to optimize end-of-field operations. Ardyne is both developing proprietary leading-edge tools and acquiring complementary businesses.
Based in: Aberdeen, UK | Member investor: Limerock
Austin GeoModeling Inc.
AGM is a software company focused on next generation 3-D well log interpretation and interactive surface modeling. The Company’s first product, Recon, offers the oil and gas industry an unequaled workstation for interactive 3-D geological interpretation. The program is unique in its ability to rapidly create three-dimensional graphic renderings of the earth’s subsurface structures based on volumes of data obtained from hundreds of well logs.
Based in: Texas, USA | Member investor: Altira
BiSN Oil Tools
BiSN Oil Tools has developed a range of patented products which are designed to address the shortcomings associated with using traditional cement when abandoning oil and gas wells.
Based in: Texas, USA | Member investor: ConocoPhillips
Blue Spark Energy
The Blue Spark service is a near wellbore stimulation technique achieved by a wire line tool that converts standard electrical power into repeatable, high power hydraulic impulses.
Based in: Calgary, Canada | Member investor: ConocoPhillips
DeepFlex offers the only unbonded flexible pipe for offshore production. Improves flow assurance due to strength, corrosion resistance & ease of install.
Based in: Texas, USA | Member investor: Altira
DHI Services provide world-class mud logging and data acquisition services to the petroleum and geothermal industries. DHI’s rig services include: 24/7 well monitoring, satellite internet connections, high speed chromatography, real time data systems, worldwide remote well monitoring, and brand new facilities with state of the art equipment.
Based in: Texas, USA | Member investor: Altira
Ecowat is a “green” technology developed for production of pure water. The technology is based on years of experience from the Coldflow Technology from SINTEF.
Based in: Trondheim, Norway | Member investor: Viking
ExproSoft is a world-class, independent provider of risk and reliability studies, technology qualification services and related software/database products for the upstream sector of the oil and gas industry.
Based in: Trondheim, Norway | Member investor: Investinor Viking
FlexGen® Power Systems’ world-class software and power electronics, combined with energy storage, hybridizes power systems to drastically reduce electricity and fuel costs while improving performance and reliability.
Based in: Houston, USA | Member investor: GE
Foro Energy
Foro Energy is commercializing high power lasers for the oil, natural gas, geothermal, and mining industries.
Based in: Colorado & Texas, USA | Member investor: ConocoPhillips GE
Fotech Solutions Ltd
Launching innovative optical fibre-based systems that will enable precise & continuous monitoring of hydrocarbon flow & downhole / surface equipment.
Based in: Hampshire, UK | Member investor: BP
GEODynamics specializes in the manufacturing, assembly, and sale of high performance perforating systems for domestic and international service companies around the globe. GEODynamics shaped charge portfolio includes conventional charges; its patented CONNEX® product line, which generates a secondary reaction under pressure to clear the perforating tunnel; and its RaZor® product line, which has demonstrated industry leading penetration depth.
Based in: Texas, USA | Member investor: Limerock

Geomec Engineering

Geomec Engineering provides subsurface injection services for oil &gas operators worldwide. They have developed a unique software solution, GeoTool-Inject, which was commercialized in 2014 after close collaboration with major North Sea operators.
Based in: Stavanger, Norway | Member investor: SAEV

Glori Energy
Glori Energy is a technology focused energy company that applies its proprietary AEROTM System to existing oil wells in order to increase oil production in an environmentally responsible way at less than $10 per barrel.
Based in: Texas, USA | Member investor: Altira GE
Inflow Control
Founded in 2011, Inflow Control is developing and commercializing an Autonomous Inflow Control Device (AICD) to increase the recovery and production from oil and gas fields. The organization has extensive experience and resources in all stages of developing the inflow control device, including innovation, patenting, design, qualification and production.
Based in: Porsgrunn, Norway | Member investor: SAEV
Ingenu is building the first wireless Machine Network, the world’s largest IoT network dedicated to connectivity for machines. Operating on universal spectrum, the company’s RPMA® technology is a proven standard for connecting Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) devices around the world, with more than 35 networks deployed over seven years.
Based in: San Diego, USA | Member investor: GE
Lance-Energy Services
Lance energy’s mobile filtration unit cleans water at the Molecular level. The company was founded by veterans of the oil and gas industry with years of experience in FRAC technology and oil and gas service; upstream and downstream safety equipment; as well as material transportation and waste management.
Based in: Texas, USA | Member investor: ConocoPhillips
LUX Assure
LUX aims to become the world leader in providing new technology to monitor difficult-to-detect chemicals used by the oil industry. We specialise in developing products that can be deployed onsite and which are rapid and simple to use, even by non-specialist staff.
Based in: Edinburgh, UK | Member investor: ConocoPhillips
The world’s largest corporations use Maana to drive significant improvements in productivity, efficiency, security and safety in operations of their core assets to shorten the time and effort it takes to create solutions from raw data, discover knowledge in context that is hard to find with existing tools and enable employees across the enterprise to make big data driven decisions.
Based in: California and Washington, US | Member investor: ConocoPhillips GE
MicroSeismic Inc
MicroSeismic, Inc. has proprietary technologies which enable passive surface-based microseismic monitoring and imaging for the exploration and production of hydrocarbons. Passive seismic makes use of existing, often naturally occurring, sound sources, rather than dynamite or vibrators. Passive seismic can go where conventional seismic cannot and sees not only the structure in 3-D but also detects fluid movement, fracturing and fault movement.
Based in: Texas, USA | Member investor: Altira
Modumetal was founded by Christina Lomasney, a physicist, and John Whitaker, a chemical engineer, to advance the state-of-the art in and to realize the commercial potential of advanced nanolaminated materials.
Based in: Seattle, USA | Member investor: BP ConocoPhillips
Motive Drilling Technologies
Motive Drilling Technologies’ proprietary software platform overcomes the challenges, obstacles, and risks associated with drilling today’s high-cost and complex unconventional wells.
Based in: Houston, USA | Member investor: GE
On-Ramp Wireless
The On-Ramp Total Reach Network has been designed for wide-area machine-to-machine (M2M) monitoring, and its simple design and minimal field infrastructure cost-effectively cover instrumentation throughout exploration and production facilities. The industry leading coverage and capacity provided by the On-Ramp Total Reach Network gives oil and gas companies a new tool in the continuing effort to optimize operations, provide a more secure work environment and a more environmentally safe delivery of energy.
Based in: California, USA | Member investor: ConocoPhillips
Paradigm Group
Established in 2009 Paradigm designs, manufactures, sells and rents a number of new generation drilling and intervention technologies, used both in the conventional and unconventional oil and gas sector. The company offers a wide range of products and services and supports a global customer base through its current commercial product range. Paradigm has a number of new tools in the development stage that will grow their offering, with particular emphasis on technology to enhance the industry’s capability in extended reach drilling.
Based in: The Netherlands | Member investor: SAEV
PartnerPlast AS is a leading specialist in design, construction and rotational casting of plastic. We manufacture a wide range of products within our four product segments; Seismic, Offshore & Subsea, Industry and Leisure. We have customers all over the world.
Based in: Åndalsnes, Norway | Member investor: Investinor
Raptor Oil
Raptor Oil Ltd was formed to meet the challenge of reliably delivering high value data into and out of the wellbore for the Oil & Gas industry.
Based in: Aberdeen, UK | Member investor: ConocoPhillips
Reelwell AS
Reelwell is an oilfield service company developing a new approach to drilling with unparalleled wellbore cleaning and pressure control capability and greatly extended horizontal reach. The Reelwell Drilling Method is a revolutionary new drilling system that improves well control with a closed loop fluid system, ideally suited for managed pressure drilling.
Based in: Stavanger, Norway | Member investor: Limerock
RigNet provides broadband, plug-and-play data, voice and video networks to offshore rigs and remote locations. The company supplies and permanently installs all hardware and software and the customer’s choice of related network services to allow a pure plug and play system once a rig arrives on site.
Based in: Texas, USA | Member investor: Altira
RigUP connect operators with service providers through a common goal: effective, efficient, and safe operations
Based in: Austin, USA | Member investor: GE
Robotic Drilling Systems AS
Robotic Drilling Systems AS has developed an innovative autonomous robotic drilling rig for unmanned drilling operations. The new system (Robotic Drilling System™) sets new standards with increased safety and cost-effective planning and drilling, and can be implemented on existing as well as new drilling structures both offshore and on land.
Based in: Røyneberg, Norway | Member investor: Investinor
Rocsole is a leading provider of tomography technology for industrial processes. Established in 2012, the company serves some of the largest oil and gas companies in the world, along with other heavy industries.
Based in: Kupio, Finland | Member investor: Investinor
Saltworks Technologies
Saltworks’ water treatment solutions for oil & gas solve specific issues in upstream and downstream applications. Our innovative technologies are focused on lowering cost and simplifying operation.
Based in: Vancouver, Canada | Member investor: BP ConocoPhillips
Sekal AS
Sekal has its roots in research at IRIS (International Research Institute of Stavanger). Efforts to develop a practical control system for safer and more efficient drilling technology started 20 years ago. The technology captures and caluculates all the physical parameters of the thermodynamic models. Hydraulics, mechanics and thermodynamics are connected together so that changes in one state will affect the other.
Based in: Stavanger, Norway | Member investor: SAEV
Senscient Inc.
Senscient was established in 2004 to develop, manufacture, and market advanced gas detection products for industrial safety, risk management, environmental monitoring, and process analysis applications. The technology developed by Senscient solves major problems associated with traditional fixed gas detectors by eliminating routine re-calibration, sensor replacement, unreliable readings, and false alarms that cost industries millions of dollars in lost revenue annually.
Based in: Texas, USA | Member investor: Limerock
Silixa is a technology company that has pioneered the next generation of optical fiber sensors for energy and security applications. Silixa’s Intelligent Distributed Acoustic Sensor technology provides the foundation for advancing the frontiers of acoustic sensing and imaging. The technology utilizes cutting-edge, high-speed optoelectronics and signal processing technology to enable a large stream of acoustic data at every location along standard optical fiber to be recorded and processed in real-time.
Based in: London, UK | Member investor: Limerock
Stimline AS
STIMLINE is a global supplier of wireline and coiled tubing equipment for onshore and offshore operations. With a strong focus on R&D and innovation we aim to provide the next generation of innovative, cost-efficient and fully automated well intervention equipment.
Based in: Kristiansand, Norway | Member investor: Investinor
Target Intervention AS
Target Intervention AS is a Norwegian well technology company developing the next generation intelligent coiled tubing tool solutions. The Target technology combines high flow capability design with fully electric and independent operated tool functions. Real-time monitoring of downhole well parameters and tool diagnostics gives superior operator control, increasing the reliability, efficiency and the overall abilities of coiled tubing interventions. Target’s first product is the real-time fully Electric Straddle Tool for multistage re-frac and stimulation applications.
Based in: Ålgård, Norway | Member investor: SAEV
A leading, data-driven technology platform for resolving, validating, and commercializing microbiome-based products in applications such as agriculture, oil & gas, and health and nutrition.
Based in: California, USA | Member investor: BP
TGT Oil and Gas Services
TGT Oil and Gas Services is an international provider of well and reservoir monitoring services focusing on water and hydrocarbon deposits. The company’s logging crews specialize in advanced production logging employing unique and proprietary data acquisition and interpretation technologies. TGT’s Reservoir Study Center provides consultancy to optimize reservoir development, increase ultimate recovery, and balance short-term and long-term production strategies.
Based in: Dubai, UAE | Member investor: Limerock
TransZap is an application service provider and a business-to-business information exchange serving the energy industry via the Internet. TransZap’s technology offers a low-cost, secure solution for transmitting and processing complex financial data. Using easily understood, interoperable formats, energy companies can access secure, real-time data and solutions.
Based in: Denver, USA | Member investor: Altira
TWMA provides fully integrated waste management services to the global oil and gas industry. With innovative technologies and dedicated personnel, TWMA has led the way in reducing the environmental impact of drilling and other associated activities within the industry.
Based in: Aberdeen, UK | Member investor: Limerock
Verdande Technology
Verdande provides knowledge-based decision support systems. DrillEdge was developed for oil and gas real-time drilling operations, designed to reduce risk, increase the rate of penetration and reduce non-productive time while drilling.
Based in: Trondheim, Norway | Member investor: Investinor
XACT Acoustic Telemetry Network
Xact designs and builds down-hole Acoustic Monitor: easy to install and collect information dynamically and in the absence of flow.
Based in: Calgary, Canada | Member investor: BP
Xtreme Drilling and Coil Services
Xtreme Drilling and Coil Services develops and applies leading-edge patented and patent-related technology and designs to build, transport, and operate new Coil Over Top Drive drilling rigs. The company markets proprietary, dual-purpose drilling rigs to existing customers and to other international operating regions.
Based in: Calgary, Canada | Member investor: Limerock
Ziebel AS
Ziebel provides specialist well intervention services to the global oil and gas industry. Ziebel is dedicated to enhancing production effectively and economically through its pioneering well intervention technologies, including the Z-Line® and the Z-System®. Ziebel’s proprietary composite and fiber optic well intervention technologies both enables visualization of the entire well bore in real-time – in any well – and access to challenging long horizontal wells.
Based in: Stavanger, Norway | Member investor: ConocoPhillips GE Investinor Viking
Zilift Ltd
Zilift Ltd is developing innovative downhole pumps for the oil and gas production industry based on Permanent Magnet Motors (PMM) coupled with the latest pumping and monitoring technology which will deliver smaller size and higher efficiency than competitive technologies.
Based in: Aberdeen, UK | Member investor: ConocoPhillips GE Investinor SAEV Viking